Welcome to the innoSEP AI Platform Documentation

innoSEP provides a No-Code Analytics Platform to unleash limitless potentials of Artificial Intelligence in your data-driven ecosystem.

Users can build, deploy, and maintain their specific industrial AI Apps in self-service and no-code through a visual interface, specific role-oriented workflow, and guided product modules. It is more than a sole data analytics environment – it encompasses the required full-stack technologies from Data ingestion to maintainable business Apps.

innoSEP leverages dominantly used End-2-End open-source frameworks, translate the workflow into no-code, enrich it with visual elements and guide the Users through the workflow with the following product modules:

  • Organize and prepare your projects: Create and manage projects, including complete permission control and user management in innoSEP’s Project module.
  • Create data flow in no-code: In innoSEP’s Connect module, you can create and manage data pipelines to ingest relevant data into the exploratory building stage for hands-on data processing – fully guided in a visual-centric workflow for improved human-data interactions
  • Multi-domain visualization and step-wise data engineering: In innoSEP’s Explore module, you can explore your data, execute operations within a no-code environment
  • Build, manage & maintain user-defined analytics workflows: You can build custom analytics stories in innoSEP’s Story module by linking relevant operations from the exploratory building stage in a transparent, collaborative, and traceable way
  • Design business Apps based on Analytics pipelines: Users can create Apps based on Stories; define relevant data nodes; set notifications, or build dashboards through a fully flexible selection of visual outputs. With innoSEP’s app module, you can collaborate as a builder with business experts and seamlessly close the gap between the development and production stages
  • Deploy, Consume and Maintain AI Apps: With innoSEP’s Pipeline module, production-ready apps can be packaged and deployed as containerized applications through an easy-to-use interface – supported by Kubernetes

Getting Started - Start here

For new users of the innoSEP AI Platform, from importing data to deploying your own AI Apps.

Explanations and Reference

In-detail documentation of all Modules and Functionality.


How-To-Guides from Data Analysis experts using the innoSEP AI Platform.